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About us

Our vision is to transform logistical hubs into zero-incident workplaces, enabled by seamless flows and effortless communication

Safer, smarter transport. We know how.

Lup Technologies was founded in 2013 as an innovation project at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to increase safety and productivity for truck transports. The idea behind our LUPNUMBER® solution comes from our founder Jakob Armö's time as a truck driver. As an active truck driver, he saw obvious problems that could be solved with fairly simple methods.

The starting point for LUPNUMBER © has since the beginning been to increase the safety of industrial facilities through better routines and information. We must all work together towards common goals. Of course, the entire value chain, including the truck driver, must then actively participate to increase safety and productivity. No one should have to be seriously injured at work and by focusing on this issue we can also achieve smarter plant logistics.

We are currently based in Stockholm with customers all over Sweden, but we have ambitions to expand internationally. Our customers are global companies and operate primarily in the manufacturing industry, but our LUPNUMBER® solution is relevant for all companies with challenges related to handling incoming and outgoing goods and transports.

Collaborations and awards:

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