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The company was founded in 2013 by Jakob and Eric from an innovation project at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Today, LUP Technologies AB is a professional team with broad competencies.

Our headquarters is in Stockholm but we work across Sweden, Europe and the world. Our customers are mainly in the industrial manufacturing sector and we have extensive experience working on different types of sites with varying conditions.

Our vision is to create a new information standard for how trucks drive. Our ambition is to help companies solve their concrete problems with truck transport on-site. We will be pleased when we have helped you to better safety, efficiency and quality in you on-site logistics.


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Our Story

We founded LUP Technologies AB to increase safety and productivity in on-site logistics. The idea behind LUPNUMBER® comes from Jakob's time as a truck driver. He then saw problems that could be solved with quite simple methods. The starting point for LUPNUMBER© is to increase safety on industrial facilities through better routines and information. We must all work together towards common goals. Of course, the entire value chain, including the truck driver, should actively participate in raising safety and productivity. No one should be seriously injured at work and by focusing on this issue we can also achieve smarter on-site logistics!

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