Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Questions about the company

What is LUP?

LUP is an abbreviation for either the company LUP Technologies or the product LUPNUMBER®.

Okay, but what is LUP really then?

LUPNUMBER® is a visitor training system that will help you reach out with your safety rules and site routines to the transport companies and individual truck drivers. This helps you to meet legal requirements and you get safer, smarter on-site logistics.

Questions about truck drivers

We do not have any own drivers

Perfect for you since LUP number is very good when you need to instruct external drivers while ensuring that you comply with statutory requirements for occupational health and safety.

How does this information reach the drivers?

The LUP number can be communicated with your shipping order as a text string in your booking system. It can also be communicated via SMS as a web link. Then it reaches the transport company’s drivers before they are coming to you. At your site, they are able to check in at a LUPNUMBER® check-in terminal. Through our partnerships with major shipping companies like Begoma, DHL, DSV, LKW Walter, Freja and others we inform about which companies that use LUPNUMBER®.

Do truck drivers use this?

The information on a LUP number is requested by drivers, it is information they need to know. LUPNUMBER® is based on the needs of several parties and is useful to all parties in the logistics chain.

How do drivers get the link to our LUP number?

An LUP number can be sent as part of the mailing address or by email or sms. It can also be displayed by the gatekeeper or others on site.

Will drivers be able to read this?

LUP numbers work on all devices with internet connection and are available in several languages.

Do the foreign drivers have smartphone?

A majority of truck drivers have smartphones. Many drivers have already read the information before checking in at the LUPNUMBER® check-in terminal located at the facility.

Questions about the product

Who inputs the information?

Creating a LUP number is a project where we take all responsibility. We go through the information about your location and create your LUP number. It is then easy to update the information yourself if necessary.

How can LUP be integrated into other systems?

Since a LUP number is always accessed through a short URL, LUP numbers can be integrated into any system that sends any kind of text messages. A LUP number may even be integrated with signs and shipping notes.

Can we do it ourselves?

It is great that you have noted the need to communicate safety, efficiency and quality information for your handling of goods. We encourage you to clarify your routines and make them more accessible. Uploading the routines on your website is a good first step. Contact your IT department to hear how to edit your corporate website. When you want to improve your routines and make them searchable and provide language support, you can talk to us. As a first step, you can call us for a short call and discuss which first steps that are best for you.

Language support, how do you make sure that there are several languages?

LUP numbers have language support for all common languages. It facilitates the work of communicating information to foreign drivers.

Who else is using this? Do you have any references from other companies?

Some of the largest industrial companies in Europe are using LUPNUMBER® and a number of smaller companies as well. Our most important references are shown on the website.

What does the pricing model look like?

The price model is based on what usage you need and is scalable to suit both small and large businesses. The starting point for the price model is a subscription model where maintenance and updates are included.

Do the LUP number give truck drivers directions?

LUPNUMBER® can provide clear directions to the transport company and the truck driver, but LUPNUMBER® is of course much more than that. LUPNUMBER® is a visitor training system that will help you communicate your safety rules and operating procedures to the transport companies and individual truck drivers. You then meet the legal requirements and get safer, smarter on-site logistics.

Will we get an interface for managing and updating our LUP number?

You can easily manage your LUP number in the admin panel in LUPNUMBER®.

Can we use this as an internal information?

The LUP number is good at easily sending information via a short URL. The information can easily be updated via the admin panel. If you have a need to communicate with personell other than truck drivers, it is of course possible.

Do you take care of updates?

The information on a LUP number can be easily updated as needed via the admin panel. You can manage the information yourself, but if you need help, we can of course make updates for you.

Right now, this is a unique website with a LUP number, what will the future development look like?

It's great to hear that you're looking forward too! Is there a specific function you miss? We are always responsive to needs that you experience that we are not aware of yet. We continuously develop additional services that can be integrated directly into LUPNUMBER®. Demand for our services has increased in recent years and we have expanded our operations. Our long-term vision is to create a new information standard for how trucks drive.

How many LUP numbers can be accessed?

Together we take a look at what conditions you have and how we can best solve your problems. Based on this, we suggest how your LUP number should be designed and how many you need. The starting point is that a site has one LUP number, but depending on complexity we can find a solution that suits you.

What does your points of interest look like? How many do you have, what is the coverage?

It's hard to say exactly because the number increases every day. You can see good examples on www.lupnumber.com

Are LUP-numbers all about occupational health and safety (OHS)?

LUPNUMBER® is a way to communicate information regarding your facility to your transport companies. A clear starting point for all site logistics when loading and unloading goods is that, according to OHS legislation, the site owner is responsible for safety of working procedures. In addition, the work must be done quickly and smoothly. Therefore, we have developed LUPNUMBER®.

Other questions

We have limited storage space on our timber yard, maybe you can do something about it?

It may also be that the dimensioning of your timber yard is incorrect. When we create a location instruction on your LUP number, we go through your site together with you. Often, during this review, you can discover possible improvement measures or areas to take an extra look into. We can help you ourself, but if you need expert assistance in any particular area, we work with partners who can examine and suggest solutions to your problem.

Shouldn’t it be the carrier who uses this then? It seems that the LUP number helps the carrier.

The individual truck driver will receive the information on your LUP number. The person in charge of a workplace has a coordinating responsibility for the work environment safety there and is responsible for informing his/her own staff but also external staff about safety routines and rules. LUPNUMBER® helps you with this aspect. LUPNUMBER® also leads to positive efficiency enhancing aspects for the entire logistics chain. Not least, LUP numbers provide more efficient management in your location, which makes your business more efficient. This is appreciated by both the transport companies and their drivers.

There must be a knowledge of LUPNUMBER® among the shippers: Begoma, DHL, LKW Walter and others. Do you have any cooperation?

We are in close dialogue with the major operators in the transport industry at all stages. We inform transport companies about which companies use LUPNUMBER®. As LUPNUMBER® is designed, you can easily convey the information via shipping notes, e-mails and text messages, and the major transport companies appreciate this way of communicating important location information and safety practices.

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