Put safety first!

With LUPNUMBER®, you can more than halve the risk of serious accidents at your facility.


As you probably know, you are as a facility owner under the Work Environment Act required to inform about the safety practices that apply to your site. LUPNUMBER® is an arrival system that will help you reach out with your safety routines and operating procedures to transport companies and individual truck drivers. You can more than halve the number of incidents. You meet the legal requirements and get safer, smarter on-site logistics.

Industrial plants puts safety first

Truck drivers unfortunately top the statistics on serious workplace accidents. More than half of the serious accidents occur during loading/unloading on industrial sites. A common misconception is that it is the transport company which is responsible for their drivers. It's true when driving on the road. But the site owner is unconditionally responsible for basically everything happening inside of the gates of the industrial site. Therefore, prominent industrial companies use LUPNUMBER® to avoid accidents and gets safer, smarter on-site logistics.

How does the solution work?

When the drivers arrive at the site, they check in. They choose their language on screen and review the safety rules that apply. It can be anything from helmet requirements or special shoes needed, how to handle the goods, speed limits in the area, and more. The information is also available online. This information effectively becomes a brief and effective safety training. After reading and accepting, the driver can continue to enter the area.


What is the effects of LUPNUMBER?

The best way to avoid accidents is to work preventively with safety. By reducing the number of deviations and incidents, risks can be reduced and serious accidents avoided. LUPNUMBER® is used by reputable international industrial companies. They lower their reported incidents by up to 65 percent! This means that they get safer, smarter on-site logistics.

A complete solution

LUPNUMBER® has been developed together with the industry to increase safety, reduce incidents and secure traffic on-site. No one else in the market can offer the complete solution you get with LUPNUMBER®.

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