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LUPNUMBER® is already implemented at some of Sweden's largest industrial facilities, but ports, construction sites and other types of logistics hubs have also used our solution to simplify the handling of their onsite logistics.

We are proud of the collaboration with:

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A few good examples

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SCA Logistics Sundsvall

”Lupnumber is a simple tool to use to make information available to drivers that we previously had difficulty reaching.”

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Södra Cell Mönsterås

”At Södra Cell Mönsterås, we really try to make every part of our business safe and efficient. In the past, we had repeated problems with truck drivers not behaving in accordance with our safety rules.”

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”We want truck handling to be as efficient as possible. When we need to scale up our production, we must be able to trust that everything works as it should and well-functioning transports are extremely important to us.”